Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dont we just love look-a-likes?

Introducing Sienna Guillory (right) and Didi Benami (left)!

Don’t they just look alike?

Their eyes are kind of like sepet or asian looking….. haha….. but then I feel they look magical! Why so? They have the kind of like pixie or gipsy looking… very suitable for fairy tale roles….. a fairy maybe….

Didi Benami really has a magical voice, when I saw her, it reminded me of Sienna, so why not do this.... is not like I have nothing to do by the way :D

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

It’s the last day of the year!

2009 have been a great year I guess, I should be much thankful about how things have turned out the entire year.

I could remember Paroimia like it was just yesterday, the stress that we had to go through, the hours and hours we had to invest in to make it a truly awesome production. All Glory to God!

College has been somewhat OK, with many complains and obstacles but I still gave my best and manage to do well. One more sem to go next year, I’m ready to give my best and go all out for it! Bring it on!

The 3D model class that I’ve been teaching has been on and off this whole year. I think the classes did came at the right time like when I was very busy with Paroimia, I dint had any classes. Not only recently for the holidays that we had a few children who wanted to learn. It has been 2 years already since I joined this art centre. Honestly I no idea what’s in stall for me in this. I’m proud of myself for starting this class but is there any future in this?

I would consider Heart 2 Heartsss to be an awesome success especially during the Christmas season where business took a tremendous hike! Heart 2 Heartsss was able to also contribute to IMPACT charity organized by FGA. I thank God for the gifts that he gave me, this gift that often put my self esteem way up high, this gift that make me feel powerful and capable. It has been tough setting up Heart 2 Heartsss with the long hours and crazy decisions and risk I had to take, but it’s all worth it! I hope for a better future for Heart 2 Heartsss, and I believe when we work hard, we get lucky (or should I say God will bless us!)

Internship has been just awesome as I could not ask for more. Now I’m still working part time with them, so when my sem starts, I’ll be working 2 days a week. I know I’ll be able to balance my work, hobby, and college all at the same time! I know cuz I’ve done it all before! I need to be positive!

Thank you God firstly for everything in my life and thank you to those that has made 2009 awesome in its own way!

Happy New Year 2010!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Who moved my cheese?

So it’s the Christmas holidays and I had some extra time to relax and spare, so I read a book! Sarah K borrowed this book to me, so I wanted to quickly return her :) Wow, u know I seldom read books, I wish I can brag about reading books. Haha, but guess what? ‘Who moved my cheese?’ takes just about only an hour to finish! Yea, so I read a tiny book….. YAY for me!

So here’s what the book is about:

I read lots of self help and motivational articles, and after reading this, unfortunately, I wasn’t like THAT impress…. (sorry!) Maybe I’ve read too many similar articles before or may be the book is just a tad long winded. However it is still a good reminder.

So whoever wants to finish reading a book fast or needs to learn how to deal with change, go ahead and read this, it reminds you that you're actually smarter than a mice.......

Monday, December 21, 2009

AVATAR / FernGully

Avatar really is a movie not to be missed! I love it for having a bit of sci-fi and fantasy and definitely lots of magical elements in it. I simply love Pandora’s nature, and Mother Nature sure fights back! It has also a good environmental message, which I know won’t work on viewers…. (hope it does!)

I’ve been telling lots of people that Avatar really reminds me of FernGully! FernGully is a 1992 animated feature length film. I used to have the video tape and I would watch it over and over again, missed that so much, and would watch it again now! Both these movies has similar plot, but Avatar is obviously an advanced version, we need more of these kinda movies!

I want to be sucked into their magical world when I'm stress and need a break! Anyone creating a real Pandora?? Well, i guess the closes experience i can get is to watch the movie again in cinema.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Enspired Bazaar

Hey all!

I’ll be at Enspired Bazaar at Subang Square this Sat!

Do come!

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Pixie Lott

I’m currently taking a short break from bazaars, so watch out for my next announcement for upcoming bazaars and events :)

Something really worth listening to is Pixie Lott, dint regret buying her album. Give it a spin! It’s really exciting listening and discovering new talent! Awesome Album!

I listen to a lot of mainstream music, but I hardly give recommendations of any artists here, which I think I should do more in future… It really helps boost page views from all over the world!