Friday, June 27, 2008

Place of the Past

I just went back to my secondary school to take my real SPM certificate. It’s like making a journey back to a past filled with many sweet and bitter memories as well.

What I was eager was to meet my teachers more than anything else. Among all teachers who taught me, I can remember is 2 of them who I really appreciate. So I was really hoping to meet them.

As I enter the staff room, I asked a teacher “ is Puan Norhafiza in?” She pointed to the women sitting beside her, my head turned towards her. It was her! Puan Norhafiza, my Biology teacher! She stood up and head towards me. I was happy to see her, and she too was happy that I still remember her. I never had the chance to tell her that she was indeed the best teacher during my secondary years. I remember that she somehow wanted us to set our target high, what she did to help us really motivated me.

She said “wah, I’m glad you still remember me ah!”

I said “Of course teacher! You are the best teacher I ever had!”

With a big smile she said “Thank You.”

And as usual they would ask what I am studying now. She taught I was Jed as I told her that I was doing design course and that my brother was doing engineering. As our conversation went on, she found out that I was the other twin! The serious one! Lol… not the playful one. She was shock that my bro actually went into engineering judging from his attitude. Well, we both just studied the opposite. Me who is a serious, more science inclined studying mind is taking an art course, where else my bro who is a playful/ can’t study much guy is taking the engineering course. So people who can’t differentiate us would always mistaken us with each other.

So we chatted for a while and I was satisfied that after a year plus, I finally get to meet her again, but my mission is not done yet. There is still one more! So I asked “where’s Puan Ng?”

She told me that Pn Ng has recently found out that she has got breast cancer. Quite serious and will be entitled to 2 years of medical leave. My heart just sank! What shocking news to hear. Pn. Ng apparently told other teachers not to visit her but only one of the teachers has seen her a few weeks ago since her absence.

I met up with my friends again after a little while more of chat with my beloved teacher. I just felt that I have to contact Pn. Ng to say hi as that’s what I came to do. I later got her hand phone number and went home to contact her.

I could feel the sadness in her voice. She was at a book store looking for books on cancer. At least I know she’s fighting it! She was pregnant with a son when I was in form 4, and now he’s 3 plus already. Somehow I don’t know why I just felt the sense of closeness to her over the years in secondary. I could feel that she dint wanted people to pity her. I hope I wasn't coming across that way, I just wanted to let her know that I haven't forgotten her.

But on the phone, it seems like she’s different now. I kept the conversation short as my questions towards her was done, she dint asked much about me, probably many things on her mind.

As I put down the phone, it feels awkward, sad…

God all mighty help her…

Hope I’ll bum into her and get to see her and speak to her again one fine day. Both of them…


Thursday, June 26, 2008


Bought Iron Man toy model for at only RM10! Can you imagine that it is so cheap! I couldn't resist!

Anyway, its a pirated version. Yes, toys do have their pirated versions. It looks good though just the painting of it is not done very well in detail. But a worth buy! So what's an artist got to do with it?

Transform it! Beautify it!

I did not buy Mark 3 because it did not look as good as Mark 2. So what i can do is turn mark 2 into mark 3.. haha.. I'll decide on that later..

As for now I've got to work on my own Mark 3 Sculpture! Hope to blow all of you away with it!


Genesis of a Creative Business

Just finished this prototype phone for a friend of mine.

This will be the first of my mini prototype business that I will be launching now, and hopefully to launch my website soon.

Service which I will provide:

1. Custom made art sculptures

2. Prototype and models

What kinds of sculpture?

If you look at the art work I’ve done, you’ll get the idea of the type and style which I will be able to create. However, at the moment I am aiming to create modern looking decorative sculpture which uses recyclable materials.

More news from this business side of me soon.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Like a thief in the night

Let me share an experience with an interesting person.

He’s a relative of mine who came to visit us for a week. He’s a millionaire from a neighboring country. A simple man who brought with him only a small bag to fit his laptop and maybe a set of clothes. Strangely but yes, he does sound like a hippie who travels around and he indeed acts like one.

I remember being very excited whenever he comes visit because he would bring toys when I was younger. But after the long absence in our life, everything about him seems to change.

All he does most of the time at our living room was looking at his laptop, browsing through news or he’ll be playing with market shares. It was ‘fun’ having him around, as he is a man who hardly communicates but speaks empty promises. When he suggested buying me and bro a car to share, which is when it all begin. He’s signature speech – words without actions. I just gave him a fake smile and a ‘ ya right’ thought in my mind and I just wondered how nice if he would only meant what he says. Well, my bro got so excited when I told him, silly him for getting so excited.

Then few days later when we were talking about laptop, he said he can get me one too. Yes, I know I’ll never get one from him! That’s because he’s a mind calculator who calculates every penny he can save, and every way he can earn them. That’s weird for a millionaire I’m writing about here. He even told my aunt that he want to buy us siblings each a house. All sorts of purchases he’s been talking of making but somehow after going through his mind, it all ended up making him silent about his promises.

Some attitudes of his is just unbearable.

After dropping me off the other day at college, he said he might be able to send me back home. When I ask him to sms me or give me a call to inform me if he's able to, he said he would rather not because he could missed call me instead. When my class ended, I tried calling him but he dint picked up and I did not receive any missed call either. I got a lift from my lecturer instead. I’m really pissed at these kind of situations.

What on earth is he spending his money on? You can’t take them with you after death! Is not like you are saving up so much money to give to the poor or charity…

One night while watching tv with him, he really irritates me with his nonstop humming! hmmm. hmm... Then at midnight, he packs up his thing and drove home. After he left, I just felt like he had stolen something from us, hard to explain the feeling, it’s like a disappointment feeling but the word 'stolen' just came into my mind. As if he just rip my heart away and drove home.

Today, my mum said that her collection of 5 cents coins is missing since his stay. Wow, he even took our 5 cent coins thinking that we don’t use them. Gosh! You should see how he washes his hand, he uses drips form the tap! He doesn’t even washes his own plate, maybe because he can’t stand seeing money flow down the drain!

You disgusts me!

Let’s just all laugh about it! Hahaha.. you silly man!

Friday, June 20, 2008


well, the reality show should call itself DanCEPTION!

I remember to love watching those reality shows where people gets fooled and those kind of stuff.

Never would I ever imagine that a Malaysian Reality Show would actually deceive its viewers to believing that its actually a fair game!

Well, thks for not being smart, now everyone will know.

Well done again, where the word corruption has become a norm here.

Shame on you! the corrupted!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Early Surprise

What a pleasant surprise as my ex secondary friends celebrated my birthday on Sun. Thank you so much for the cake, thought-full gift and red wine!

funny guy gobbling up the cake!


It will be my 19th birthday tomorrow, I almost forgot how old I am. It was easier to remember when I was in secondary, because every year u get into different form. Now that I'm in college, I just feel that age does not matter that much anymore. I think its mixing with older people around me that makes me wanna forget the age difference.

Anyway, back to the party. It was quite a fun night. We played bluff game with cards. This game is sure to bring laughter always.

When I was in PD, the only thing we do when we were in our apartments was playing bluff. Just wont get tired of it, i think because every time u lose, you are just so eager to win the next round.

Thats all for now. Thank you again my dear friends!

I think they look drunk... : )

Saturday, June 14, 2008


you're like a stone
but you are my blood
i will not be disappointed
never will I aspect anything
stones are nothing
i wont need stones.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

So you think you can 'rojak'?

Anyone wants some rojak?

Because Pat, one of the judges from so you think you can dance Malaysia is mixing up some 'rojak' every Thursday night!

I don’t understand what’s wrong with him, but he just has to speak with 2 languages, which is English and BM. It’s so annoying la! Come on! People only do that when they have difficulty while speaking in one language. Where else, you who speak well in both of these languages don’t have to mix up your languages while speaking.

Yes, I know it’s showing the Malaysianess. That’s what the host does, which is to speak sentences in Malay and English alternately. That’s tolerable, but what you are doing is just so annoying!

Don’t you ever watch back the tapes and see yourself acting like a fool? Example of Pat's speech:

“ uhmm, I rasa kan you, awak tak ada passion, you don’t have the passion, awak punya style out sikit la, tapi its boleh tahan, not bad…”

If you are trying so hard to make rojak with your words, why not put that effort into speaking proper English or Malay sentences which will be a good example to Malaysians! This is unfortunately what most Malaysian Bands lack!

Whenever a band appears on 8tv quickie, they are hardly able to speak, even in their mother tougue.

Hello? You guys are on tv for free to promote yourselves.... Let’s hope you let your music make people forget the awkwardness they go through while starring at you waiting for a reply after being questioned by the host.

And Have you all notice the bad camera positioning and angles for ‘so you think you can dance Malaysia’? Someone once said “How can Malaysians still come up with these kind of poor quality stuff, haven’t they seen what others(Hollywood) are doing?” Haven’t they watch and learn from the American version? Why can’t they?

After watching the first episode last week, I scraped off the idea of going to see the show life at Ruums with my friends. I’d rather watched it from home while catching up on my newspaper reading!

Blah blah blah blah blah! Someone stop me!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Apart from painful sunburns on my shoulders, I also have unbearable itch all over my arms and back!I dint even realized that the sand flies had bitten me. The itch only came like a day later. And now I’m scratching all over. Now I know how rach feel some time ago. Hehe… it’s so annoying, I had to also wake up in the middle of the night to scratch!

I want to thank God for providing me transport! He’s always been so faithful to me. Just found out yesterday that my night class lecturer stays nearby my house so he’ll be able to send me home after class that is if he’s going home la. So at least sometime I don’t have to take the ktm. KTM sucks la! How many years already but can’t make the effort to improve their service.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Stil Holidaying

College has started for 2 weeks already and I just came back from a holiday yesterday! It was so fun! Sun, Sand and Sea! But the sun wasn't great, had sunburn on skin now, really hurt! But really had a great time! Learnt Skim Boarding from Joel! Thks for teaching! If you don’t know, it’s a type of shallow water surfing with a wooden board. Pics of my PD trip will be uploaded soon when I have the time to edit them.

I’m writing this from college now. Have to attend another class later at 6.45pm because of a part time lecturer. Got to go have dinner now and I’m feeling a little sickish. God help!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

dream or future?

Had a scary dream last night that it was the end of the world! I remembered that everyone including me was afraid and were running or hiding from something. The thought kept coming to my mind that the end of the world is just around the corner. Thank goodness I woke up from it. hehe.. Well, the dream was probably because of the change of weather because as I slept till like noon.

I missed my computer class today because of commitment. Had to go teach my 3d model class at night which was the same time as my computer class. I somehow can’t help feeling a little guilty and left out for not attending my computer class but well, had to.. And my computer class shouldn’t be at night! Hello?! U know how dangerous it is to travel at night?!

While I was at the art centre, my boss told me that her husband had went to pump petrol because of the rise of petrol price again tmr. He's been caught in the jam because people are actually getting their vehicles filled by tonight at midnight. Later on, my boss told me again that her husband is waiting at the petrol station because the petrol has run out and many are waiting there for the next tank of petrol to arrive. At last he came back but not being able to get any petrol.

Wow.. the craziness that happened really struck me!!! I could feel my goose bumps all over. It really reminded me of my dream, if not I wouldn't have thought about it. This is a reminder to me personally that the end of the world may be coming anytime. God maybe coming to take us all to heaven anytime.

Its sad that all these are happening now. The increasing of petrol and food price, natural disaster and diseases. And have you all notice the change of weather? Well, its getting hotter by the minute! and ice are melting people! help! ok.. lets not get too dramatic...

Does anyone know who John Titor is?

He's the guy from the future! yes, correct, from the future. He set up a blog(or something like that) to start warning people of the thing ahead of us before going back to the future again.

He predicts that Olympics 2004 will the last one. He's trying to say that this year's Olympics won’t happen. Just wait and see, that will definitely confirm his story whether it’s true or fake.

Go check him up. You can google his name. I read about him once at Wikipedia, it’s all summarized there.

One more thing I heard from my bro about what John Titor said which is isn’t hard to believe is that in (don’t know which year la but not long from now), we’ll all be riding horses and bicycle. Going back to basics! (Anyone heard Christina Aguilera’s back to basics album?)

In an article which was publish in Australia about Malaysia’s government wasting money on taking a taxi ride up to space on a Russian Space shuttle, it mentioned instead of wasting millions of tax payers money to send that fella on that taxi ride up to space to do nothing, the Malaysian government should spent money on solving their future problem which involves its own petrol.

The article also mentioned that in 2011, Malaysia’s oil will run out! Can you believe that?! So what is the government planning to do when the time comes? Hmm… Inventors, think fast!